Buying Your First Golf Cart

Golf carts are designed for golf, but are easy and fun to repurpose and customize for retirement communities, closed communities, acreages, and families to use at recreational properties. Businesses and industrial sites use golf carts for efficiency to save time in transporting workers, tools, and cargo around the site. Carts are also used for security.

Knowing what to choose can be difficult. The following are a few items to consider.


New vs. Used

Most RSC customers prefer to buy a used cart because of the substantial cost savings (often 50% of the cost of a new golf cart). On the other hand, new carts come with upgraded technology, factory warranty, and no wear and tear. See our Blog for more information on buying a used golf cart.


Gas vs. Electric Golf Carts

Electric carts are popular for golfers, closed communities, and recreational settings with the ability to recharge the battery. They are also quiet. Gas carts are popular when extended run-times are necessary or when there is no electricity available to recharge batteries.


Cart Features

The main reason we started RSC was to build custom golf carts to suit our customers. Our goals are for every cart to be designed to suit the customers’ needs and for customers to get exactly what they want. Are you wondering what options are available? Well, the possibilities and combinations are endless. Here’s a summary of things to consider:  


Seating: What’s the purpose of your cart? Work or play? Do you want to seat two, four, or six people? Do you want a two-seater that can haul materials in the back? Perhaps you want a convertible back seat that can haul people or “stuff.” We offer a variety of seating arrangements.


Upholstery: What you want to do with your cart, your style, and your budget will determine what you want for seats. We offer a variety of upholstery ranging from basic to customized seat covers.


Body Colour: Are you going for a specific look or style? We can change your cart’s body colour or take it to the next level and design custom graphics around the whole cart. This is popular for those with a brand or product to promote.


Music: Do you like to take your tunes with you? We can install stereo consoles, radios, and connections for iPhones, tablets, and MP3 players.


Windshields: Windshields are a must in our “Wet Coast” weather and come with most RSC carts, but did you know there are options for windshields? Perhaps you want a windshield that folds down to let the breeze through. We have one-piece or folding windshields that come clear or tinted.


Safety Additions:

Depending on where you’re using your cart, you may be required to install some or all of the following safety gear. We also have a package to make your cart resort ready.


Horns – This safety item can be a lot of fun – it comes in a few different styles and sounds.


Mirrors – Side and rear-view mirrors help with safety and visibility.


Headlights – If you plan on running your cart at night, headlights and taillights are necessary, whether you’re in a resort or on the job. We install halogen or energy saving LED. Take it to the next level with RSC and add LED accent lights to make your custom ride stand out at night!



Used Golf Cart Budget

“Where are the $1000 golf carts?” You’d be surprised how often we get asked this question! And yes, as much as we’d love to sell quality golf carts at this price, the reality is that they just don’t exist. A new set of quality batteries can cost up to $1200, and then there’s the rest of the cart to think about.

You should be prepared to spend a minimum of $2800 for a basic used cart with good batteries.


Check the Tires

Similar to buying a car, check the tires of any cart you’re thinking of buying. Look for good quality tires that have deep tread and are in good condition. Before your cart leaves our shop we will make sure that the pressure matches the recommendations. If the tires aren’t in the condition you want or style you need, you can upgrade to new tires for quite a reasonable price. So, if you find a cart you like but don’t like the tires, it’s an easy fix!


Check the Body

The body is both aesthetic and functional. Check the body for cracks, scratches, and wear and tear. You can expect to see some scratches and wear and tear on a used cart body, but we can make cosmetic changes to your cart. If you don’t like the colour of the body we can swap it out for a new body, paint it, or put custom graphics on it to improve its appearance and match your style.


Check out the Canopy (Cart Top)

The biggest thing to check for when looking at the canopy is for rusted attachment components. Stand on the cart and shake the canopy (within reason, of course) and make sure it’s secure. This shows quality in construction and that all of the parts are in good working order.  



The most expensive part of the golf cart is the batteries, and a new set can cost you up to $1000. Batteries are actually so important that we’ve dedicated a whole web page to them. Check out our tips and advice on our website.


Buying a golf cart can be a big decision, so feel free to call or click… or come in to ask us any questions you have and kick the tires in person. Allow us to help you choose the cart and accessories that are right for you.