As golf carts have become more popular, their uses have changed, along with their versatility. While originally intended for just a driver and a passenger, manufacturers have only increased the number of seats available for commercial models - from the original 2, the numbers now go as high as 8.


These 'stretch' or ‘limo’ carts have adapted to the changing functions of carts whose uses now go well beyond the golf course, such as transportation in small communities, campgrounds or properties. Instead of just transporting golfers, these carts serve the needs of customers who need a way to move economically and conveniently in areas that just aren't practical for cars. And it's more fun, too!

Naturally, cars with more seats will cost more money, as the extra space and length are a design expense requiring more materials that need to be accounted for. But the practical uses for such an extension can make it a more tempting prospect than a car when, say, driving your family through the backcountry. Employees, friends, clients, VIPs - the list is almost endless, and it's almost difficult to stick to the name 'golf' cart when they can move people in so many ways.


The seats in these larger carts can go up to the count of 8, as mentioned, but 4-6 is more common to find. Added seats increase the cost of the vehicle, and also call for sacrifices in maneuverability when looking at shuttle or tram-style models. But when it comes to adding a bit more availability with little expense, 4-seaters can do the job with flying colours. As well, instead of adding more forward-facing seats, many multi-passenger carts opt for backward-facing rear seats that don't change the size of the cart's wheelbase.


Like standard carts, there are a slew of upgrades and customization options available that will ensure that your cart will suit all of your needs and perform to the best of its ability. Check our full list of custom options available to turn your cart into a personal showpiece!