Choosing between LED lights and 'conventional' lighting systems


In recent years, the popularity and availability of LED lights has meant that consumers have far more choices when it comes to the lighting of their golf carts. There are a few important differences and considerations that come with choosing between LED lights and 'conventional' lighting systems.


The standard lights on most golf carts are halogen. The main advantage of halogen lights is that they are inexpensive compared to their LED counterparts. They are available everywhere and are the conventional choice for most golf carts, which combined with their price is reason enough for many golf cart owners to stick with this lighting option. In addition, most golf carts have an electrical system that runs at 48 or 36 volts, which requires that voltage reducers be installed to convert to 12V.


LED’s are brighter, outshining most halogen lights and conserving power while doing so. Saving energy gives LED lights an average lifespan several times greater than that of conventional bulbs.. The major tradeoff is that, while LED lights have existed for a long time, their widespread use is still a relatively recent trend and they are a more expensive than conventional options.


As with conventional systems – LED lighting for golf cart applications usually requires voltage reduction from36/48 volts to 12 volts.  Convertors themselves are not particularly expensive and can be selected based on amperage – (the amount of power required to run accessories).  More amps – more money.


These are the main differences between LED lights and conventional halogen lights, and it's up to you to decide which is the best fit for your golf cart!