Having a custom cart is about building a cart that matches your personality and needs. You can do a few simple upgrades to make your unit shine, or you can create a whole new custom masterpiece that will ensure your new wheels turn heads. Make your cart match your RV, truck, car, business branding.


We carry Yamaha & E-Z-Go golf carts as our base models for customization, but we can customize almost any cart

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Do you have your own ideas on customizing your cart? Share them with us, and we will do our best to make them happen.


Here are a few options to consider.



Customization Options



Colour is one of the greatest expressions of personality, and once people start thinking about customization, their creative personality comes right out. You can have custom graphics, pin stripping, reflective lines and letters, a new paint job, or a complete custom wrap. The only limit is your imagination. Check out our Pinterest page for some fun ideas. Even if you have something we've never seen, or an idea that is truly your own, we can work with you to wrap or paint your cart.



Carts are also fabulous ways to promote your business. We can take your logo and color theme and design a custom wrap for your sports cart. We guarantee you'll be noticed. 



Customers often add a rear seat to their cart to make it a four-seater. For more flexibility, make it a seat that converts to a box or flat deck. We have a wide array of colours and styles available.

Some resorts require seat belts, and we can add those for you.



These are very popular. You can choose from several styles of tires and rims and combinations to suit the terrain or your personal style. Warning: If you come to our shop you WILL see wheels and tires that make your heart beat just a little faster.



Maybe your steering wheel doesn't feel right the way it is, or maybe you'd like a custom wheel… either way we’ve got you covered.



For the most intimate of customization options, consider a sleek new chrome cover for your steering column that will set your cart apart.



Many of our carts come with windshields. If you don't have one on your existing cart, you can extend the use of your cart by adding on a windshield for comfort during windy or cool weather. They come in one piece or two (folds down), and clear or tinted. You can even get windshield wipers!



Many customers add lights to their carts for appearance or out of necessity. Sometimes resorts require carts to have lights and horns. We can install light kits and horns. You can have headlights, tail lights, strobe lights, turn signals, under-cart lighting, amber roof lights, etc. Choose LED or halogen.



We can add a custom box or flat deck on the back if you want to transport tools, personal items, soil, garbage, or other cargo. The flat deck flips to become extra seating. There are a few options for cargo boxes: box alone, or a box that flips for extra seating, or a box with a light-duty dump kit. We can even get automatic dump kits, for larger loads.


You can also get cargo caddies for flat deck flip seats, cargo baskets for the front of the cart, and a roof rack storage system.


Do you need a trailer hitch for pulling larger loads? No worries, we can add that to your cart and you’ll be ready to hook up and drive away in no time.



Sometimes 2 seats aren’t enough, and the extra seating options of stretch carts can boost your capacity to hold all the passengers you need.



If your cart is headed off road or expected to do heavy work you may want to consider a lift kit. The height can range based on your needs, but having a lift kit gives you more flexibility in what you can do with your cart and adds a certain curb appeal to your overall design.



If you have a rear seat, you may want a longer roof, particularly if you want to use a driveable closure to keep everybody dry. We have stock driveable enclosures or you can order custom enclosures. We have storage covers as well. 



Really tie your theme together with dashboards, drink holders, stereo consoles, and matching wheel covers. We can install locking glove boxes, 12V chargers, state of charge meters, phone chargers, USB chargers, power sockets. And don't forget the rear and side view mirrors.



Add music to your cart's capabilities with a stereo console. We have a variety of options from ones that play radio and CD’s to ones that are Bluetooth and phone friendly!



Want to hit the fairway with a new and stylish unit? Along with your new paint job and custom upholstery, you'll want our golfers' accessories before you tee off! Some recommended accessories are ball washers, coolers, club canopies, bag holders, and sand and seed bottles.



The perfect accompaniment for a trip to the range or the bush, use gun rack to transport your rifles conveniently and safely.



Adding a trailer hitch is no problem. Come to us if you need your cart to be able to pull more weight.



Batteries getting low? Looking for replacements? We sell U.S. Battery in 6, 8, & 12 volt. Need a battery for something else? Ask us, we might be able to get it in for you!



A lithium battery will last longer and save you money in the long run compared to the traditional lead-acid battery. Consider switching to lithium to change the way your cart runs.



An extra line of defense for protecting your cart from frontal collisions, our push bar installation can be both practical and add a rugged look to your cart. 



Adding stereos, lights, and other accessories might require changes in power output. We sell voltage reducers from 10-30 amp to make sure that your cart can power itself effectively.



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