The General Lee Wannabe!





The General Lee Golf Cart


Custom bucket seats on this custom golf cart



Aaaaaaaa……..the General Lee.  Our single most visited cart in company history!


Based on a car, or should I say “character” from a TV series of many decades ago!  Orange and black, it was built to outrun Boss Hog and his band of blundering Sheriffs!  It was no more a political statement than it was a family cruiser! 


Our version of the General started it’s mundane life as a 2012 Yamaha Drive, also known as a G29, which was stock, stock, stock.  As you can see in the many photos available, there remains nothing much of the original other than the frame.  With upgraded electronics, a 6" lift and 22 inch tires mounted on custom aluminum rims, we had the solid platform we needed.  Colour matched paint accented with black and white graphics then transformed this cart into a serious lookalike.  A backswept tubular roof was also custom fabricated and covered with a removable Sunbrella roof and very special flexible folding windshield to give it a more streamlined appearance.  Embroidered bucket seats matched to custom front and rear frames showcase the RSC build.  And what would the General be without a Dixie horn!  So we went for it and installed a 12 volt compressor under the hood to power our carbon fiber 5 trumpet classic General horn, loved by many, scorned by others!  But sometimes even the die hard fans want to hear something other than Dixie, so we also added a stereo complete with hidden speakers.  And finally, to keep the unit street legal it sports, head, tail, signal, and brake lights, seat belts, reflectors……and don’t forget the horn.


The General is quiet and quick whether on the pavement or running the roughest trails you can imagine.  And while it’s a tall climb into the comfortable rear seats, the rear facing passengers get to see where they have been rather than where they are going!  


For the General, a trip of 20 miles is possible with the power train currently installed, and bringing the batteries back to full charge takes roughly 6 hours on a standard household circuit.


So, if you are the kind of person who wants to relate to a product, character or a movie for that matter just tell us who/what you’d like to replicate and the designers at RSC can make it happen.