Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we get at Recreation Sport Carts. Feel free to contact us if you have a question we haven’t covered. We might even feature it on our page!


The Care and Feeding of Batteries

Read our article on how to care for your batteries.


Gas vs. Electric

We are often asked about the difference between gas and electric carts. The short answer, though, is that it comes down to your needs and personal preference. Our customers tend to use gas carts when electricity is unavailable for charging or they need to be able to use a cart for several hours at a time. Most people prefer electric carts because they are bit quieter and easy to charge. 


What type of customization do you do?

We do all sorts of customizations; the only limit is your imagination. From basic colour changes to vehicle wraps, lift kits, custom steering, wheels, tires, custom upholstery, and more, we do it all. For inspiration check out our Pinterest Page.

Can a cart be used on the road?

Until recently, golf carts could not be operated on public streets in Canada, as they are not recognized as street legal vehicles by Transport Canada. There has been a movement in small communities across Canada to make it legal to drive golf carts on roads that are posted as 30KPH (20MPH) or less. Pilot projects across Canada, including Chase and Qualicum in BC, are testing the idea, and hopefully more small communities will follow suit. There are also many private communities, especially golfing communities, that allow golf carts on their roads. Many small communities in the US also allow you to drive a golf cart on the street, but you'll need to check laws and regulations for the area where you wish to drive your cart.


Can carts be used in campgrounds, resorts, or gated communities?

It is up to each campground, resort, or gated community whether they allow personal golf carts. When they do allow them, they often require carts to be "street legal" (even though they may never travel on “real” streets), so check their requirements to see what you need to do to comply. “Street legal” for campground/resort purposes generally means the cart has have items such as seat belts, rearview mirror, lights, and horn. We can install all of these for you.

What type of maintenance is required for my cart?

Electric Carts – Batteries need to be topped up regularly with distilled water. Carts perform best if they are charged after every use and when they are not being used for extended periods of time. Battery maintainers are a must, if you leave your cart unattended for more than a couple weeks, as standard chargers will only charge to full, then shut off until unplugged and restarted. Stop by our shop and have your batteries tested.


Gas – Gas carts can take a bit more work than their electric counterparts. They require maintenance closer to that of a vehicle, including gas filter, air filter, oil, oil filter, and spark plugs. Be sure you’re comfortable with doing this maintenance; otherwise, come to see us at RSC (604-940-6236).

I want a custom cart, but I don’t know where to start!
We thank you for visiting our website - it's a great place to start when building your own custom cart! Check out our Current Inventory page to see what we have for sale and our Sold page to see some of the projects we’ve worked on. Another great place to check out is our Pinterest page as it boasts a variety of boards with hundreds of custom carts.


What is the age of my cart? 
If you have a cart already and don't know its age, call us or email us the serial number - we'll find out for you. And, whether you're shopping with us or shopping around we suggest you ask the age of your cart.


Once you are ready to talk about your ideas for the perfect cart for you, please contact us