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We build customized golf carts designed specifically to meet your needs.

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Our carts are used for golf, camping resorts, sporting clay shooting, security, greenhouses, yardwork, and large special events.

  • Saying our final goodbyes to the Ninja....
  • We really think this would make for a really fun cart. Do you think the owner would mind if we just borrowed it fo…
  • I think this is a case for muscle power, not brain power. The smart car just won't do it.
  • Risen from the grave, our old 4x4 chassis is about to get a new life 😎
  • Happy to have finally started the build on this really big project 😎
  • Well if natures not going to turn up the heat I'll just do it myself. Time to fire up the welder!!
  • No holidays for this guy, just about done with our latest project though.😁
  • Just about done with the Christmas rush, looking forward to some rest and a whole lot of turkey next weekend 🤣
  • Gotta start making room for some new carts. So all of our 2012 RXVs are now on sale for only $3,750 😀
  • Today I'm lucky enough to work from home with my two best friends keeping me company 😍



New Battery Saving Product!

If you have an electric golf cart, and you are using the stock charger (which most of you are), then you need to hear about this product.



Most chargers will only charge the batteries up to a full charge, then shut off. The charger will not continue to slow charge, or trickle charge; in fact, leaving a charger plugged in over an extended period of time could drain the batteries. The only way we could beat this, up until now, was to have someone unplug the charger every couple of weeks, and plug it back in, but when you are away from your cart, especially over the winter or off-season, that is not really practical, is it? 

We would like to tell you about a new product line we are carrying. Schauer Battery Maintainers allow you to leave your electric golf cart unattended for an extended period of time, without worrying about the batteries going dead. The Battery Maintainer will continue to trickle charge the batteries, keeping them fresh for when you need them. The Battery Maintainer will also prevent sulfating, extending the life of the batteries. 

The Schauer Battery Maintainer is available for both 36 and 48 volt carts. It is easy to connect, using alligator clamps, and can be used daily, in place of your charger, as long as your batteries are near a full charge. With a little extra work, the Battery Maintainer can also be set up to install on-board, and can just be plugged into the cart when you need it. While it does not fully replace your charger, it is a great complement to battery maintenance. 

The Schauer Battery Maintainer is available at Recreation Sport Carts for only $125. Pre-order yours today! 

If you would like more information, contact us.





Awe Shucks... What OUR customers ARE SAYING

 "Unlike your competition in two other provinces  respecting the sale of "Golf Carts", you responded immediately, you delivered what you said you would deliver, and you were such a wonderful person to deal with...."  B. Orr - Calgary 


 "Had a great experience dealing with Doug on this project. When we gave it to our accountant he was almost in tears.  Thanks again to Doug and RSC!!! The only problem now as I am going to have to do something to my stock golf cart." D. Jones - Burnaby




Small town business gets Big City Attention

Delta, BC – A local family-run business is getting big attention from the big city of New York! Recreation Sport Carts builds custom golf carts right in Tilbury and this month was featured on the cover of Golf Car Outfitter magazine for the second time! “We're so excited to be featuring another great cart from RSC on our March cover. Their themed carts such as the General Lee are built with the finest detailing from the top to the wheels,” said Brent Thompson, Vice President of Advertising at Golf Car Outfitter.

When asked how he felt about having one of their custom builds on the cover, owner Mark Huston replied, “Because it will be seen all over the world - homegrown here in Delta!”

The cart is like no other. It has been nicknamed the “General Lee” and has more parts and accessories than can be listed! Some of the biggest features include the 6” lift kit, 23” tires, RSC custom roof system, and the iconic custom colour and graphics. 

“There is certainly a sense of pride to see such a cool cart coming from our shop, and to be recognized by the golf cart industry. And I know the owners are just thrilled with the cart, so that makes it extra special.” Terri Huston, owner.

Recreation Sport Carts specializes in golf carts and hopes to see the need for them grow in the future. To learn more about our carts call us at 604-940-6236. 




We get asked about this quite a lot. The answer depends on where you're planning to use the cart. The very best advice we can give is that you check your local regulations. Provinces, states, municipalities and even communities within municipalities may have differing regulations, and it would be impossible for us to keep up with them all.

Camping resorts that allow carts on their private roads often have certain accessory requirements, such as lights, horn, and seatbelts, and we can install these for you.

For more information on golf cart licensing and insurance in British Columbia, visit the ICBC website.




Wet? COLD?

No need to be! We've got driveable enclosures to keep you dry.


Why Choose Recreation Sport Carts?

At Recreation Sport Carts we build customized golf carts designed specifically to meet your needs. Our carts have been used for golf, greenhouses, camping resorts, sporting clay shooting, and large special events. To answer a frequently asked question: Yes! In addition to accessories and upgrades to your cart, we can wrap the cart or do custom graphics on it.

We sell new and used golf carts, with the majority of our customers preferring to purchase used carts and modify them to their needs. And we don't leave you hanging - we can service your cart as well.


Look at THESE before and after pictures!


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